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Go from Adobe Express creation to Issuu publication

Unite your creative process and transform your work by combining the user-friendly templates and design tools of Adobe Express with the instant publishing and distribution power of Issuu. Go from static to magic in a few clicks! Instantly turn brochures, flyers, resumes, and more into interactive digital Flipbooks and more. Create easier, dream bigger, and publish smarter.

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Pull attention and push boundaries

Get your Adobe Express creations seen by more people faster with Issuu. Use Fullscreen Sharing and no-code embedding to accelerate your content's discovery by putting it right in front of your audience. Highlight key information with mobile Articles, engage viewers using Social Posts, and captivate with dynamic GIFs.

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Take designs from static to stellar in seconds

Make your designs come alive and impress your audience with the Issuu add-on for Adobe Express. Engage viewers with web and shopping Links, and turn your content into a dynamic experience by embedding Videos that can auto-play as the pages turn. Exceed expectations with every design, every time.

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Analyze and refine in real time

Elevate your creative work with data-driven precision. Leverage Issuu's Statistics to gain clarity into how your content performs and be equipped to make strategic adjustments. With the ability to quickly jump back to Adobe Express to iterate on your designs, the feedback loop becomes more efficient and your content more spectacular.

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Turn pixels into profits

Harness the potential of your digital publications to generate profits. With Issuu's commission-free Digital Sales feature, quickly shifting from showcasing your talent to monetizing it is easy. Whether you're setting up single-issue sales or rolling out recurring subscriptions, every penny earned is yours to keep.

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How to use the Issuu add-on for Adobe Express:

  1. Sign in to Adobe Express and click the “+” button on the left-hand toolbar to upload a file or create a new design.

  2. Open your file in the editor, then click “Add-ons” on the left-hand toolbar.

  3. Search for “Issuu,” click “Add,” and the Issuu icon will appear in the upper left-hand corner of your workspace.

  4. Preview your design in various Issuu formats (Flipbook, Embed, GIF, Social Post) by clicking “Preview my design.” This generates a temporary preview link valid for 24 hours.

  5. After that, connect your Issuu account or sign up for free if you don’t have one.

  6. Once your design is complete, click the Issuu icon, select “Upload new draft,” then “Publish”. Name your file, choose a privacy option, and click on “Confirm & publish”.

  7. Go to Issuu to add interactive elements like links and videos. You can further edit your design in Adobe Express if needed and re-upload to Issuu.

  8. Monitor your Flipbooks’ performance and manage all Issuu publications from your Adobe Express workspace.

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